Selle Royal

Lookin Moderate Womens Saddle



Selle Royal "Lookin" saddles are designed for ulitmate comfort in gel saddles .

  • RoyalGel for supreme comfort does not age, harden, or migrate over time
  • Xsenium cover allows RoyalGel to move freely and dynamically in all 3 dimensions
  • ICS compatible
  • Cool cover allows saddles to stay 25deg cooler than traditional black saddles in the sun
  • Xsenium Cool Cover
  • Elastomer bumpers

Moderate: Spine angle of rougly 60deg; continues to move the rider's weight and sit bones back on a wider saddle

Clamp Style:Std Rails Color:Black Defined Color: Black Gender/Age:Women's Length:270 mm Material:Synthetic Rail Material:Steel Saddle Cut Out:No Weight:605 g Width:199 mm Specs are subject to changes, errors, and exclusions



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