ECH-Business provides economically efficient electric cycles at discounted rates. Our program is designed to meet your business needs and to support your employee benefits program. Whether you are looking for transportation solutions, promotional giveaways or to increase employee morale with a new and exciting employee perk, we have great solutions.

What businesses benefit from electric bikes?

  • Security Companies
  • Local Food/Goods Delivery Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Maintenance/ Grounds-keeping
  • Car/RV Dealership promotional giveaways
  • Eco-friendly businesses who want to promote commuting alternatives
  • Businesses who have large campus settings where employees have to travel between buildings
  • Businesses who have employees with limited transportation options or don't have driver's licenses
  • Parks, Sport & Recreation Centers
  • College campuses, universities & schools

Why choose electric bikes?

Most electric bikes can travel up to 20 miles per hour, they are easy to ride and they can save you time and money. The pedal-assist feature and throttle option can help you travel long distances with little to no effort, reducing or completely eliminating physical exertion, especially when traveling uphill.

Cars, vans, mopeds and motorbikes can cost some businesses thousands of dollars each month in fuel, parking tickets and maintenance. Additionally, employees need to have excellent driving records and vehicles have to be registered & insured.

Electric bikes now offer a highly competitive alternative to many of these more traditional forms of transportation. Not only are they carbon neutral and simple to operate, but they cost a lot less to acquire, maintain and refuel. This means electric bikes can offer savings and conveniences to many businesses.

By using electric bikes, businesses can:

  • Reduce Travel Costs
  • Avoid traffic congestion
  • Reduce Parking Tickets
  • Reduce the need for on-site car parking
  • Improve awareness of your brand (with on bike branding)
  • Improve staff health, fitness and well being
  • Help your company reduce their carbon footprint

ECH-Business offers a full service program fit for your corporate and employee needs. We are here to achieve significant financial savings for businesses and help your employees achieve a healthier lifestyle.

To find out more and schedule an onsite demonstration, email us at info@electriccyclinghouse.com or call (240) 577-6200.