Smart control panel monitors and manages cycling stats such as battery life, mileage, lighting, speed and the desired level of assistance. Set the display at 0% or turn it completely off to ride naturally without assistance or heighten your pedal assist mode to 100% for maximum use while you pedal to extend your range or traverse hills.


All electric bikes offer power-assist functionality. Pedal assist activates while you cycle, intensifying your pedaling motion but not replacing it. Smart technology including cadence, speed and torque sensors allow for a more natural ride and conserve battery life. Pedal assist typically caps at 20mph, but some e-speed models have a max speed of 28mph.


The quick-charge, long range (avg. 30-60 miles) lithium ion battery designs are engineered to integrate into the bike's frame without compromising performance. Includes a Lock & Key safety feature and a fully detachable battery (on most models) for home and office charging. The battery charger plugs into traditional wall outlet and looks very similar to a laptop's charger. 


Mid-drive motors (located at the crank) are typically more sophisticated offering enhanced performance capabilities and a better center of gravity. Mid drive motor industry leaders include Bosch, Brose & YamahaHub motors (located in front and/or rear wheel) are great for commuting, touring and trails. Typically, offered at a lower price point, hub motors are appealing to leisure riders or those that cycle out of necessity.


Throttle on demand is available on select electric bike models. It can operate up to 20mph and override the need to pedal. This feature adds an extra layer of support for your electric bike and is ideal for commuters, delivery riders or cyclists who deal with fatigue or pain. Most mid-drive motors are not compatible with a throttle.

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